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Bulletproof Your Relationships

Supporting Agents with Training in Building Stronger Family Relationships
March 4, 2022

Marriage Family Relationship Therapist Karla Downing, stands on stage at Paseo del Rey church, presenting the customized training she authored for the USBP as a tool to help agents and their spouses or partners have stronger relationships.

(Above) Karla Downing, Marriage Family Therapist presents the training

Morale Boosters was asked to provide specialized training for Agents of USBP, Customs Officers, and local law enforcement, organized by Chaplain Will Josa of USBP. We offered duplicate training on two consecutive days in the San Diego Sector. Morale Boosters supporter, Karla Downing expertly presented the six-hour training both days donating her time, and the attendee notebooks. Paseo del Rey Church in Chula Vista provided a great location for free! Continental breakfast, lunch and snacks were served. This training is critically needed due to the stressors on the Agents and their families as a result of frequent, required 16-hour shifts, increased workload and reduced work satisfaction. These stressors are contributing to divorces, domestic violence, family difficulties and, in the worst cases, suicide.

Karla created the customized training, which included layered skills applicable to several types of relationships, including marriages, children, even workplace relationships. The training was well received by the couples, and the Chaplains in attendance told us this is some of the most useful training they have ever received. We have already had requests to repeat this training! Along with the valuable information, Peacemaker Bibles, sincere handwritten "Thank-You" cards and what we call 'Road Bags' were given to the Agents and Officers.

Thank you to our incredible supporter who made this training possible! YOU are the reason we could provide this service that our government doesn't.

San Diego Sector Chaplain William Josa standing on the stage, addressing the attendees at the training called Bulletproof Your Relationships

(Above) San Diego Sector Chaplain, William Josa opening the training with his own story of how the stress of the job, and PTSD has impacted his own family.

(Below) The auditorium with some of the USBP Agents and Civilian spouses or partners and Chaplains at the Bulletproof Your Relationship conference. Social distancing was mandatory, therefore the crowd is audience is spread out due to Covid limitations. This was our first day, which had less than a third of our total attendees. Thursday proved a much more popular day to attend.

Auditorium with USBP Agents and Civilian spouses and partners at the Bulletproof Your Relationship conference.

(Below) the beverage table before the breakfast items were added. The banner above is another way we encourage our Law Enforcement Heroes. Banner has dozens of notes and signatures to show support from the community. This banner now hangs as an everyday "thank you" card at one of the sector stations.

A table in the church courtyard containing orange juice, water and coffee.  Above the table hangs a banner signed by supporters.  The banner states "Jesus Backs the Blue and Green".


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