Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends [John 15:13]
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Verbal and physical attacks on Law Enforcement Officers are now commonplace. With Law Enforcement already at higher risk for depression and suicide than any other profession, our Officers, Deputies, and Agents need and deserve hope and encouragement from supporters now more than ever.

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Because Christ laid down His life for us 2000 years ago

We serve those who risk their lives for us today

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10-4 Campaign

We are able to encourage and reach officers for as little as $2.50 per officer. Our 10-4 campaign is a monthly donation of $10 which will help us reach 4 officers. It’s a small sacrifice that goes a long way for those who are sacrificing far more.

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You can sponsor what we call a “Morale Boost” for as little as $100. Morale Boosts are a practical encouragement sent to departments and officers to let them know they have support and are not alone.

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Custom Donation

You can easily give a one-time or recurring donation online. Your donation will go directly towards helping reach police and law enforcement officers that need it now more than ever before.

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Testimonials from the Front Lines

As a Chaplain for the Border Patrol’s San Diego Sector, I have been working to combat the many problems that plague Customs and Border Protection personnel. The Chaplains and Peer Support members work with Agents and Officers who struggle with depression, PTSD, marital problems, addictions, domestic violence, and suicide. Socially, many endure opposition from citizens whose misguided hatred is fueled by twisted propaganda against Law Enforcement. The added stress of isolation due to the pandemic has intensified and multiplied these problems among our ranks and their family members.

In the Chaplaincy’s endeavors to assist our personnel, Morale Boosters has been a great ally. They collect letters of support from fellow patriotic Christians, and then deliver them to Border Patrol stations, along with treats and other "morale boosts". Our agents have even received hand painted artwork from the children of those patriotic Christians. Many Border Patrol Stations have also been recipients of snow cone machines donated by Morale Boosters. The organization has also donated hundreds of Peacemaker Bibles to our troops.

​I have seen firsthand the uplift engendered among our Agents by the gifts and selfless works of Morale Boosters.

- ​Adam Alcantara
San Diego Sector Chaplain, U.S. Border Patrol
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Why Supporting LEOs Matters


These days, what used to be a revered profession, is now met with automatic, unwarranted suspicion. Imagine pursuing a career with the goal of serving the public by protecting it against criminals: applying, waiting, testing, training, and training some more. You risk your life as you run toward trouble so others can run away from it. You meet people on, what is usually, the worst day of their lives. Now imagine... suddenly, because of the actions of a few in the same field, you are assumed to have the wrong intentions, wrongly suspected of targeting people unjustifiably. What if in the process of doing your job to protect and serve you were cursed at, spit at, yelled at, called horrific names, and physically assaulted? What if you couldn't even trust ordering take-out food with your uniform on; or sit in your squad car on a break? The same uniform you used to be proud to wear now makes you a target of hate. This is what our great Law Enforcement Officers face EVERY DAY in most major cities. They DESERVE to hear from citizens who still appreciate them. They NEED to hear the message of hope in Jesus Christ, and they MUST know we support them. Will you join us?

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Light Pens for our Border Patrol Agents and Police Officers encourage them with each use

Light Pens for our Border Patrol Agents and Police Officers can encourage them every time they use them

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