Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends [John 15:13]
The Greatest Morale Booster

How we Encourage our LEOs

with Morale Boosts in different forms

We put our support for Agents, Officers, and Deputies into action with practical and effective morale boosts. Some we deliver in person, but most we mail to points of contact who will distribute the boosts to their fellow LEOs. ALL boosts are greatly appreciated because LEOs are a class act, and they get little support now.

Morale Boosts we send or bring with us:

  • Hand-written "thank you" cards from supporters around the country.
  • Pocketsize Peacemaker Bibles, with inserts written by Chaplains, addressed to LEOs
  • Light-pens; high quality pens with styluses and messages that light up.
  • Great snacks that Agents and Officers can take with them on patrol.
  • Customized banners signed by supporters with expressions of appreciation.
  • Snow cone machines, complete with Torani flavored syrups
  • Neck coolers; bandanas with beads inside that, when soaked in cold water, stay cool for hours
  • Hand sanitizers; different sizes
  • Popcorn machines
  • Whatever else LEOs would like and we can afford. Ask us!
Diane Langan of Morale Boosters serving lunch to USBP agent, at El Centro Sector station

In-person boost- Carne Asada BBQ, prepared/served by Morale Boosters volunteers

A catered meal at OC Sheriff, Compton Station served by Morale Booster volunteers, a Deputy filling his plate.

In-person boost- Catered meal, served by Morale Boosters volunteers

Marie Callender pies, chips, and sandwiches served at LAPD Newton Station

In-person boost- lunch of sandwich/chips/vegetable tray with pie

Snow cones, Ice Coffee, Bibles, Thank You cards at the ICE Women's Shooting Competition

In-person boost- Snow Cone and Coffee Bar

Agents at Las Cruces enjoying snow cones

Sent or In-person boost- Snow cone machine at the southern border

Marie Callender fruit pies, ready to be served and enjoyed

In-person boost- Marie Callender fruit pies delivered whole or cut to serve

USBP agents enjoying popcorn from machine

Boosts sent- Popcorn machine

USBP agent, with N95 mask, points to thank you card given to her, provided by Morale Boosters

Sent or in-person boost- Thank you cards written by supporters (hand written note on back of postcard)

Two LA Sheriff Deputies reading hand written note cards sent by Morale Boosters

Sent or in-person boost- Hand written thank you notes

Portland PD officers holding thank you banner signed by supporters

Sent or in-person boost- "Thank you" wall banner, signed by supporters

A plastic sandwich bag, with a Thank You note, Lifesavers, trail mix, Kind bar, and gum.

Road Bags say "We appreciate YOU!" It includes an assortment of snacks with a Thank You card.

Help us Boost Morale of Law Enforcement Officers

Help us Boost Morale