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The Greatest Morale Booster

A Garden Grove church that caught the morale boosting bug!

October 11, 2021

In Spring 2021, Morale Boosters' Treasurer, Barb, asked her church, Calvary Chapel Westgrove, if she could have banner signings at the church for nearby Police Departments. Morale Boosters sponsors these thank-you banners, so the church only needed to allow Barb to set up tables outside the church where congregation could sign the banners.

The first two banners for Westminster PD and Garden Grove PD were enthusiastically signed by the congregation. A few weeks later, the church called Barb, and asked if they could do more! So many people commented how much they appreciated this opportunity, they asked to do one for California Highway Patrol, and a nearby Orange County Sheriff Station. We produced those and, a few weeks later, the church signed the banners again.

The four Police stations very much appreciated the show of support by the church. It was a win-win all around.

If you would like your church or group to sign a banner, send us an email request at

Volunteer John Stupar delivers the signed banner to Westminster PD.  Banner was signed by the congregation of Calvary Chapel Westgrove.
An officer and civilian employee for Garden Grove Police Department hold up banner signed by Calvary Chapel West Grove
signed banners displayed at the church
California Highway Patrol officer with an appreciation banner lying on the top of his patrol unit.
A close up of the banner for California Highway Patrol with MANY signatures on it.  Signed by Calvary Chapel Westgrove of Garden Grove, CA.


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