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The Greatest Morale Booster

Providing a Thank You lunch at 3 stations in 3 days during a government shutdown furlough

El Centro HQ, Calexico, Indio
January 17, 2019

Diane Langan, of Morale Boosters, is serving a USBP Agent at the El Centro Sector Headquarters. Morale Boosters put on a Carne Asada BBQ for the three stations of the El Centro Sector. The boost was the first large boost for the USBP that Morale Boosters put on. The boost included Bibles, Thank You notes, and warm interactions between the agents and volunteers.
Several Agents at Calexico Station of USBP enjoy a Carne Asada BBQ lunch served by Morale Boosters.

Our first major boost for the US Border Patrol was in the El Centro CA Sector. This sector is southwest of San Diego and covers much of the California border and interior. We connected with Mike, the Union President for the Sector. Upon asking how we could boost the morale of his Agents, Mike suggested a carne asada taco lunch. It seemed too big a challenge, but we figured out how we could make that happen in an economical way. We didn't have the finances to cater it, but we have backgrounds in catering and event planning, so we just made it happen. The BP stations each have a BBQ grill and serving utensils. With a little creativity, we served up delicious carne asada tacos, with the toppings, adding beans, rice, fruit, and cookies for three stations on three successive days. We brought Bibles, prayer request cards, a thank-you banner, thank-you cards, and smiles. Three of us served almost 500 agents between all 3 stations -- for less than $5 each agent. THE BEST PART!! When the dates were scheduled, two months in advance, we had no idea the government would be shutting down causing the agents pay to be furloughed. THIS was the first week they would not receive a paycheck. We were told over and over, how our timing couldn't have been better. But it was God's timing! This 3-day event created relationships with Agents and Management that we hold dear today.

Diane Langan of Morale Boosters, hugs a female USBP Agent at the BBQ at the El Centro USBP Headquarters
A table with books, Bibles and cards to be filled out with prayer requests at the USBP Station in Calexico.  This table was available for agents to visit on their own volition during a BBQ lunch hosted by Morale Boosters.
Sector Chief, Gloria Chavez, posed for a picture with Diane Langan of Morale Boosters.  Chief Chavez is holding a thank you note given to her by Diane.
Morale Boosters President, Tom Langan and volunteer Mike Hagan, stand in front of a Thank You banner  at the El Centro Border Patrol station.


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