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Encouraging DC Metro Police

Delicious Muffins & Thank You cards from citizens go a long way
October 14, 2021

An officer from Washington DC Metro Police found us, Morale Boosters, through an internet search. He emailed this request for our help with raising the morale of his fellow officers:

"In the area I work, it is particularly on the dangerous and violent side compared to most areas. Additionally, we are facing some morale issues as many departments are. I wanted to reach out to see if I could get some morale booster packs to hand out to the officers. Morale is something that I am working on improving here and this certainly would help."

After further correspondence with this Officer, we recruited some of our faithful thank-you card writers and also found a nearby bakery to provide some treats. God led us straight to Mission Muffins in DC. After learning more about this great organization, we arranged for our DC Metro officer to pick up a bunch of treats to hand out along with the thank-you cards. Praise God, this all happened within a week of the Officer's email.

Click here to read more about Mission Muffins which we now have an ongoing relationship with. Praise the Lord!


Help us Boost Morale of Law Enforcement Officers

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