Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends [John 15:13]
The Greatest Morale Booster

Boosting Morale for Female Federal Agents

A Coffee Bar, Snow-Cone Station, Banners, Bibles and Thank Yous
March 13, 2020

Tenacity paid off! One of the biggest challenges of this ministry is finding a contact within an agency to offer a morale boost. ICE was one of the most difficult. But finally we found Agent Trish. She invited us to set up a booth at the annual Ladies Shooting Event for ICE and other Federal Agents in the San Diego area. We decided to serve iced coffee and snow-cones. We were the most popular booth, with a long line most of the time. We brought many Torani flavored syrups for the coffee and snow-cones. The Thank You cards were a big hit, especially those from school children.

It's always such a blessing to serve any law enforcement officers, especially those who work in some of the worst situations, such as ICE Officers. About 2 months later, Agent Trish traveled to speak at our Public Information & Fundraising event at a local church.

The Coffee Bar, and Snow-Cone station with volunteers from Morale Boosters.  President Tom Langan, Quality Control Officer, Diane Langan, Mike and Crystal Hagan, Jerry Karch, all from Morale Boosters, are standing with Agent Trish from ICE.
Morale Boosters volunteer Mike and Crystal Hagan serve Snow-Cones while ICE Agent Trish stands by. Thank You Banners hang in the background.
A table containing Peacemaker Bibles, books, candy, and MANY hand-written Thank You notes made available for the Law Enforcement Officers to pick up if desired.
Morale Boosters, Quality Control Officer, Diane Langan standing in front of the banner with an LEO Officer at the Women's Shooting Event in San Diego.


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