Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends [John 15:13]
The Greatest Morale Booster

Newton, one of several LAPD stations served with one goal

October 11, 2021

LAPD is one of the first police agencies we served when Morale Boosters began. We were privileged to visit the Newton Station (and many others) in person, accompanied by volunteers. We provided catered lunches, Marie Callender pies, Bibles, handwritten thank-you cards, and custom banners. At Christmas, we delivered a box of snacks for the Officers' break room with thank-you notes and Bibles tucked in-between the snacks.

Newton is in a rough part of South Central and these Officers see the worst of the worst while helping many innocent victims. Two of our youngest volunteers, brothers Landon and Wyatt, were treated to a tour of the station, even sitting in a squad car.

We've enjoyed a long-term friendship with LAPD Officer Joe who arranged visits to Newton and other stations. We are allowed to bring Bibles and other Christian material as long as we don't hand them directly to the Officers. They usually ALL disappear regardless. At one visit, we ran out of Bibles, and had to start a list for those who didn't get one. We sent those Bibles soon after :)

Morale Boosters Marie Callender pies, sandwiches, chips, fruit was served to officers at LAPD, Newton station to say thank you for protecting and serving our community.
A group of officers from LAPD, Newton Station and volunteers from Morale Boosters.  President Tom Langan, Roberta Tafalla, Raul Salas, Bradon & Wyatt Cavanee.
President Tom Langan, of Morale Boosters speaks to the LAPD officers from Newton station, at their muster. He shares how appreciated they are by many citizens.
At a Morale Boosters event, an officer from LAPD, Newton Station sits at a table with Brandon and Wyatt Cavanee
Brandon and Wyatt Cavanee sitting in a squad car during their tour of the station.  This is after a Morale Boosters event.


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