Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends [John 15:13]
The Greatest Morale Booster

Morale Boosting in the midst of a riot filled city

Serving Portland with the help of their great Chaplain
September 19, 2021

For several years, we've been sending morale boosts to Portland Police Officers through their exemplary Chaplain Steve. Portland Police have had to deal with the likes of ANTIFA for a long while, without the support of their city government. As a result, morale is very low, and many officers have quit or retired early.

We're in continual contact with Chaplain Steve. With his help and our morale boosts, we're able to tell the Officers there are Christian patriots who stand with them and appreciate their courage and perseverance. We've sent the Officers hundreds of hand-written thank-you cards, bakery treats, snacks for the road, hand sanitizers, light-pens, and Peacemaker Bibles.

Three senior Portland Police Officers stand holding the special hand sanitizers Morale Boosters sent. along with many Thank You notes, and a signed banner to encourage them.
Portland Police Officers stand holding pen-flashlights given to them by Morale Boosters.  The pen has a custom Thank You message printed on it.
The banner for Portland Police, packed with signatures and Thank You notes.
A customized Thank You banner is being signed by members of Canyon Hills Friends Church in Yorba Linda, CA. The banner is provided by Morale Boosters to thank the Portland Police.


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