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In-Person Boosts at El Paso sector stations

Las Cruces & El Paso
April 23, 2019

In Spring 2019, we traveled to the El Paso Sector to provide morale boosts during a very challenging time for that sector. We worked with the Union President, along with their Morale Welfare & Recreation Officer (MWR), to encourage El Paso Agents while large, organized caravans streamed across the border illegally. We scheduled a visit with the Las Cruces station, and the El Paso HQ. In the planning stages, we asked how we could best support them. We learned the Agents were not guaranteed lunch breaks, many eating their lunches while on patrol. So, we decided to provide sack lunches to meet this need. We made up several hundred lunches of Subway sandwiches, chips, cookies and beverages. After addressing the Agents at their muster, we handed out the lunches, Bibles, handwritten thank-you cards and mingled for a few minutes with the Agents. We had sent a Snow-Cone machine ahead of our visit along with a variety of flavored syrups. All was much appreciated by the Agents, many of whom were working overtime, cancelling vacations, and working holidays -- with few days off in between. It felt good to encourage these overworked Agents.

We also delivered a banner to hang in the station as a permanent Thank-You.

Serving the hard-working USBP agents of Calexico
Agents enjoy a Snow-Cone at the Las Cruces morale boost to encourage the overworked agents during the Morale Boosters visit.
A happy USBP agent picking his sandwich and cookies during the Thank You lunch provided for the El Paso USBP Sector.
Union Vice President, Ivan stands with Morale Boosters President Tom Langan, and Quality Control Officer Diane Langan in front of the Thank You Banner.  Thank You notes were also distributed to the agents.


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