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Boosting morale at a busy border patrol station

July 27, 2021

McAllen TX is a major port of entry for the Border Patrol. We learned that when serving another Texas border station and asking the Agents what other stations might like a morale boost. We gladly made contact with McAllen and offered thank-you cards, Peacemaker Bibles, and our newest morale boosting item: 120 freshly baked, delicious muffins, scones, and cookies from Mission Muffins in Washington DC.

The best part is when we speak with Agents afterwards. At first, they're surprised a group actually followed through on providing encouraging items; second, at the quality of the baked goods AND the handwritten thank-you cards. The cards are written by supporters from around the country who are passionate about showing their appreciation and support for Law Enforcement Officers.

If you would like to write a few cards to make a difference, please click here to learn how easy and rewarding it is.

US Border Patrol Agents in McAllen, Texas enjoy muffins and Thank You cards sent by Morale Boosters to encourage and thank the agents.
US Border Patrol Agents in McAllen TX enjoy muffins and Thank You cards


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